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I'm · hiding · in · the · Frame...

But I'm not pictured.

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These Doors used to lock the other way,
Like we're trying to keep the old things out.

Like we want a world where we actually need locks
..or somethin'.

It's a terrible thing-
To believe in darkness.

Call me an optimist,

I hate the fact

We have to live fearing


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So Best part of this shot is that honestly this is not how I planned it. I asked her to do the same thing only mirrored and ended up with a shot of "What? worlds so awesome!" and "What you looking at biatch?"
so I feel like it kinda does define gemini at least to my understanding of this personality so far. To Bad Melanies a leo lol.
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Captain zoe is a Character played by one of my Acting buddies. She's a pirate in colorado- and thusly- landlocked. lol.
I was excited to shoot this set with Stephanie- I've shot her before. But short and the long of it- I really wouldn't be alive if she wasn't in my life. So...It's nice in a way to give back to her.

anyways few more shots of this set may end up here soon.

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So I've been shooting just about every day this week.

But I love this shot. It's stood out even after an extremely awesome set I did yesterday.





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Been awhile since I even picked up my own cameras...So here's the results of when I did yesterday.

DId a set with Kyra, one of the girls from my carpool during Renaissance festival. Let me know what y'all think ^_^.


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3 am. I redsicovered...THIS 



Which is one of the best comics I've ever read. fyi. and it can be found..


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I wrote a pretty long story five minutes ago and livejournal dubbed it deletable. NICE.

Anyways, I bought a vewnician mask today for fest.


and the washington trip got cancelled, so I'll work every weekend anyways so its not a problem anymore.



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Now look at the others they ARE GREAT!
http://bunny.frozenreality.co.uk < there. now.

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That bubble wrap is amazing!!!

5. Its got that cool texture n jazz.
4. It keeps things safe!
3.Its clear, which makes for great "new outlook on life" possibilities!
2.It makes loud noises when you pop it. popopopop~-~
1. Anything can be made out of bubble wrap, if you try.


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